vintage molded candle
Vintage Chinoiserie Molded Novelty Candle

Vintage Chinoiserie Molded Novelty Candle

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What an amazing find! This vintage candle is a true blast from the past! Candles are bought to be burned, so it’s our pleasure to re-release this beautiful vintage unscented emperor candle onto the market. The wax is a beautiful shade of jade, the Chinese symbol of prosperity and luck (protection, health, and strength.) The wick pokes from the top of the head and has never been burned. The wax is hard and doesn’t have any hard dents from use or age.

Height: 11 1/2" 

Base Width: 6 1/2" 

During the 60s and 70s, the popularity of candles was huge! But the reason for candles rise in popularity was nurtured by what became a necessity.  Hippies and the Counter-Culture’s lifestyle found themselves within the Vibe; where cool, candle-lit rooms illuminated the ritual of joints and bowls being passed, where candle-lit bedrooms invited excellent love-making, and where the smell of melting wax became a welcoming sign of the mysterious.